Doing Your Own Product Prep Or Styling


The number one way our clients save money with us is by doing their own product prep or what we call styling. Of course what accounts for the most savings on a project is going to depend on the project itself. But in general doing ones own styling seems to be the biggest cost saver. 

So what is product prep or styling? First, it’s important not to confuse product styling with product staging. What we call product styling is, in simple terms, all that goes into preparing your product to be photographed. Essentially this means getting the product in to the condition you’d like to see it in when photographed. Product staging, on the other hand, has to do with arranging your product on set. Although some of our clients have requested to help with staging their products, this is less common and not typically the best place to save money. 

Product Photography Studio Set up.

Some examples of product styling are: removing stray strings or ironing your fabrics, polishing metals if necessary or removing dust from glassware. Stuffing bags to remove wrinkles and to suggest volume is a big one. 

If you’re unable to do your own prep or styling or have concerns about best practices we are happy to assist or do it for you. But if you feel you can, this is a great way to save some money when having your products photographed. 

We also have a page devoted to pre-production questions to consider before your shoot. We encourage you to take a look at it before scheduling.

Please contact us with any questions or to book a session. 

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