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The Art of Product Photography

The Art of Product Photography

“CASE 1 and CASE 2”

The art of product photography is a unique art indeed. While the same aesthetic concepts also apply to product photography that apply to any other kind of photography, there are also a number of specific considerations to take in to account. A good product photographer looks to implement pleasing aesthetic principles, while also making sure his work is on brand and that it fits properly within the clients narrative. Typically, with big budget shoots, this is the job of an art director or marketing professional. These idea are then passed on to a photographer who’s job it is to turn the concept into an image. The photographer then, with direction from the creative team, suggests the best way to accomplish the goal and then moves on to accomplish it. This isn’t a bad process. And it’s often the best process. But it’s also an expensive one.

So how does one make it less expensive? By taking on multiple roles. Either the client takes on additional roles or the photographer does. In either case the client or photographer will need to have at least some kind of vision and a creative sensibility to put the whole thing together. Often a client will have the creative vision but lack the tools necessary to implement them. We’ll refer to this as “CASE 1”. CASE 1 is when, simply put, a client has the product and has the idea but doesn’t have the equipment or technical knowledge to turn the vision into a photograph.

On the other hand there’s what we will refer to as “CASE 2”. Case 2 is when the client comes to us with a product but has yet to develop a vision and has no real idea of how to.

And then there is the somewhere in-between. The somewhere in-between is the client who has some sense of what they want or how to achieve it but still needs some help. This is where most of are clients tend to be – in between.

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At Product Photography Atlanta we regularly deal with all cases and approach each case according to the needs of the client. We’re happy to guide you through the whole process from conception to final image, or help you realize your own vision. If you lack the funds to go the traditional route, we are skilled technical photographers with the artistic background and sensibility to plan and implement a project from start to finish, providing an affordable solution while maintaining great image quality.

But the more you provide, the more affordable it gets.

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Yes, the more you provide the more affordable it gets. By that we mean the more you can bring to the table, the less time we put in, the more affordable the process is for you. This may mean basic organization or even holding a reflector the day of the shoot. Things like providing your own props is great example. Essentially we work based on your situation. It’s a collaborative effort.

It all starts with a call or an email. Simply reach out and give us a general idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. We’ll let you know how we can help. Below are a few things you may want to include when contacting.

What is you your timeline?
What do you generally hope to achieve?
Do you have a vision or strategy in mind?
Do you have a brand strategy that’d you like us to work within?
What’s your budget like? Tiny, Modest, Decent?

You can also check out some of our recent work in or portfolio gallery or simply send us any images you’ve found elsewhere that inspire you or that perhaps you’d like to recreate with your own products. We are here to help!

The Art of Product Photography: Take away.

So what’s the take away? Essentially it’s that the art of product photography is a specific art or type of photography that implements both aesthetic and advertising principles. There are different cases of clients. Those who have a good idea of what they want, those who have very little idea of what they want and those somewhere in the middle. We approach things collaboratively allowing the client to deicide how much they want to contribute to the process. The more the client contributes the more affordable the product photography process becomes. If you have no idea what you want it never hurts to browse around on pages like this to get some inspiration. Reaching out by email with some basic info is the way to start.

The Art Of Product Photography

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